Detox And Cleanse Your System And Be Free From Any Yamayama Infection Causing Diseases

If you live in Nigeria like me and you want to have a good health life in your youthful and old age without having to be visiting hospitals for cure or constant medications regularly, then you need to get this product and detox yourself

Let me tell you the real truth many doctors have been hiding from you to enrich themselves.

Do you know that majority of health challenges caused today is as a result of toxins build ups?

The real truth is that most doctors won’t tell you this because if they do, they have lost you forever and would not be able to make enough money from you anymore.

The sole purpose of setting up an hospital is to make money by curing health challenges in people. And this is the major reason they will never tell you because their aim is for you to always come to the hospital to cure yourself.

The Unbelievable Truth A Doctor Told Me That Made Me Found A Lasting Solution

I want you to read this aspect to discover the shocking truth a doctor told me that made my feet to tremble in fear.

On September 22, 2020, I was on a check on one of my friends who had a severe chronic typhoid and was admitted in the Lagos State Teaching Hospital in Ikeja.

I am a person that is so inquisitive and will always thrive to find an answer to anything that bothers me psychologically.

I was so concerned about the sickness nature of my friend which involves some strange things I cannot even explain.

I summoned the courage to meet the doctor in his ward when I introduced myself and he welcomed me to take a seat as we discussed.

This doctor was so humble in name of doctor mobolaji in the emergency ward of the hospital.

As an inquisitive person, I asked the doctor what could be the cause of this strange typhoid sickness my friend is having and what he told me almost got me shaking and also feeling guilty of the same crisis happening to my friend.

This Is Exactly What He Told Me

The doctor specifically told me that my friend’s kidney has somehow been affected because of the accumulation of toxins in his body.

Doctor Mobolaji went ahead and told me that due to the food, water, air he makes contacts with everyday has really affected him for so long and has caused major damage of his body and will need a huge cost to repair.

BUT I ASKED HIM THIS QUESTION, I also eat, drink and inhale and why have I not been affected? He told me sooner or later I might be the next victim and from that moment I was trembling in fear and he gave me the ultimate advice that has restored my confidence and guarantee me good long-life health which my friend doesn’t have the advantage of getting.

The Secret Advice Doctor Mobolaji Told Me And What He Showed Me

See my friend, life is sweet and you need to make it sweeter by having good health to enjoy it. No one with health challenges can say life is sweet. That is why health is wealth and it must not be taken for granted.

As I was saying, doctor Mobolaji blankly told me that my friend, if  I don’t want to end up in my friend’s situation and want to live a long-life healthy life that I should from now on start to detox my body system on a monthly basis.

He said most of the stroke, hypertension, typhoid, eye defects, infertility and many ailments today are mostly caused by the constant accumulation of toxins in our body

He showed me some public appeal donation some patients are currently doing to save their lives that should have been prevented if they have been detoxifying their body system on a monthly basis.

Do you know you can actually prevent this type of occurence when you start detoxing yourself right from now?

Please Note: Just because I told you to start detoxing yourself and you now jump on any detox drugs you see and start using.


Not all drugs you see out there has been proven to work. In fact some drugs causes more damage to your system than repair.

This is the more reason I researched for 3 months to finally get you the perfect herbal solution that will flush out that yamama toxins that can cause unforseen health crisis to your body system completely


Watch This Video To See How A Foremost Medical Doctor Recommendeed Our Product

What is Live PURE Cleanse Dietary Supplement?

Cleanse is a detoxification supplement that cleanses through the body’s seven channels of elimination: liver, lymph, kidney, skin, colon, blood and lungs.


Cleanse is a gentle, natural, non-fasting way to detox while removing harmful toxins from the body.

Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.

Why You Should Buy Cleanse?

✅ Weight Loss: It Helps To Normalize Your BP Level, Flush Away Cholesterol, Clean Up The Colon and Eliminate All Forms of Oxidative Stress.

✅ Breathe easier: Lung Health Support Supplement. Effective Support for Bronchial System and Comfortable Breathing

✅ Relief from common breathing problems: COPD Lung Disease Symptoms, Breathing Problems, Chronic Cough, Mucus & Asthma.

✅ Clears and Flushes Lungs from Toxic Damages so that you can breath easily

✅ Respiratory health capsules: Helps Detoxify & Cleanse Lungs from the Effects of Smoking

✅ With the removal of toxins all body system begin to work And function normally as the testimonies are much from diabetes, to Asthma, to enhance sexual life for men and women, to Eye health etc..

✅ All-natural lung detox & cleanser: 30 Capsules. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED and Made in the USA

Testimonies From Our Past Customers

Your Health Does Not Have A Replacement And It Is Not Good To Trade It For A Joke. Remember, Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you can clean the outside of your body, clean the inside of your body and see the difference.

Everyone is Toxic because of toxins in the air,water ,soil and food as a result of our oil exploration and poor Health habits as a nation…..

The accumulation of toxins in your body can lead to a more critical health issue. So you need a thorough cleanse at least once in a month

Using Pure Cleanse Products is not expensive.


1 Bottle = N13,500


2 Bottles = N25,000 (Save N2,000)

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4 Bottles = N50,000 (Save N4,000)


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